Wine Skin – Wine Bags for Travel – Reusable Wine Bottle Protector

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  • PROTECT YOUR FAVORITE BOTTLES: The G. Francis Travel Wine Bottle Protector is a bottle bubble wrap protective wine bottle sleeve that includes a built-in bubble layer, leakproof double seal lock, and secure attachment system to give you the confidence you need to pack wine bottles and other drinks during travel; This wine travel bag package has permanently built-in air pockets so you do not have to manually inflate the wine sleeves or worry about accidental deflation due to a puncture or leak
  • EASY TO USE: Insert your wine bottle into the open end (bottom) of the bag, push your wine bottle into the bag until it fits snugly, close the locking seal, fold over the bottom end, and press firmly for a snug and secure seal; If you seal the closure properly, the liquid will not escape (sealing the bags properly is the key); Reusable eco-friendly solution for trips and travel
  • MORE THAN WINE: 7.25 inches x 16.4 inches x 1/8 inches thick (18.4cm x 41.7cm x 0.3cm) when laying flat; Wine protector is designed for standard 750 mL wine bottles, but there is ample room for longer or larger bottles; Fits irregularly sized wine bottles and works well for other alcohol bottles including champagne, liquor, beer; Additionally use for juice, milk, cologne, perfume, mouthwash, jewelry, liquid toiletries, olive oil, vinegar, hot sauce, and other glass jarred food items
  • TAKE ANYWHERE: Whether you are stepping on a cruise ship or onto an airplane leaving Napa, this wine bottle bubble bag protector 3-pack will keep your bottles safe so you can crack open a bottle and make memories wherever you go; Enjoy traveling with your favorite drinks again and safely bring wine to a party, on a picnic without worrying about broken bottles or big messes; Additionally use as gift bag to tastefully wrap gifts of wine
  • CHOOSE YOUR PACKAGE: Choose between a package of 3 or 6 wine bubble wrap alcohol travel bags to best suit your needs
You make plans for the perfect getaway, but the bottle you were saving for your vacation is shattered by your luggage – a memory ruined before it was made. To avoid your packed clothes turning into a tie-dye of burgundy (and avoid the dry-cleaning bill that follows), use the G. Francis Wine Bottle Travel Protector. Protect your bottles and protect your memories with this eco-friendly solution. You can share a bottle of wine and have a party or a picnic in style without the worries. Whether you are having a lazy lunch in the park or camping with family, these wine bottle sleeves will keep your beverage safe from damage. The sleek design looks great in your picnic basket and packs flat when the bottle is removed. Choose between a package of 3 or 6 wine travel bags to best suit your needs.

California Residents Prop 65 warning: Products may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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