Pelt Scraper Fleshing Tool, Hide Scraper Flesher � Hide Tanning Kit Redneck Convent 7030

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  • SCRAPER SKINNING KIT: Whether you are an avid leather craftsman or a first timer, the Redneck Convent Pelt Scraper is easy to use for cutting and pushing membrane and fat from animal hide and for last minute detailing; The stainless-steel metal scraper works well in conjunction with a fleshing knife, a wooden or PVC fleshing beam, and hide tanning solution
  • IDEAL FOR DETAILING: Designed for trappers who are looking for efficiency and ease when tanning, these flesher skinning tools provide a moderately sharp edge that is ideal for detailing delicate areas like edges and around limbs on small and large animal hides; The flat stainless-steel blade measures approximately .8 x 3 inches (2 x 7.6 cm) to easily squeeze into tight sections when cleaning hides
  • LONG WOODEN HANDLE: The heavy-duty wooden material used to create the 8.3-inch handle (11.4 cm) provides a sturdy grip and allows you to pull in smooth, even strokes for ease when working; The length of the handle allows for a better ability to hold close or far from the blade for better control; Soft wood provides a comfortable hold while working
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADE: Constructed of stainless steel to resist corrosion and oxidation, these hide tanning tools are easy to handle and clean; The heavy-duty blade has a squared edge on one side for pushing fat and meat and a sharp edge on the other side to cut stubborn gristle and for detailing in hard to reach or difficult areas
  • EASY TO USE: This pelt scraper is a key component to add to your trapping kit supplies, taxidermy tools, and tanning equipment; Designed with a wooden handle for ease and control, the pelt flesher glides along the inside of an animal hide to remove meat, fat, membrane, and gristle from the pelt with a light amount of pressure; Unlikely to cause damage to hide when used correctly
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