Manual Bottle Capper Tool Beer Bottle Capping Tool - 26mm Crown Capper

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After brewing and bottling beverages, you need to crimp the cap on your bottle. Seal in the freshness with the G Francis Home Brewing Bottle Capper Cap Tightener. Use with standard 12, 16, or 22 ounce US long-neck bottles with rounded lip and 26mm pop top crown caps. Once the cap is settled on the bottle, use slow, steady pressure to bring capper down until handles are level. When handles are level, the cap is on and you can release handles. Pull out and reverse metal grip ring to smaller diameter side for accepting smaller skinny neck bottles. To find out what size caps and capping bell you need, measure the outside top diameter of your bottle opening. Not intended for twist-off threaded or specialty bottles and caps – specialty applications may require a bench capper (sold separately).

  • [Attach Your Caps]: The G Francis Manual Bottle Capper Tool crimps or presses caps on bottles to seal after brewing and bottling; Not for crimping caps without bottles; Bottles and caps not included
  • [Use Your Bottles and Caps]: For beer, soda, kombucha, and some champagne bottles; Fits standard 12, 16, or 22 ounce US long-neck bottles with rounded lip; Use with 26mm pop top crown caps (not intended for twist-off threaded or specialty bottles and caps)
  • [Trusted Quality]: Hand bottle capper machine made of nylon for more strength and longevity than standard plastic homebrew capper tools; Spring-loaded arms require minimal force
  • [Magnetically Hold Cap]: Rounded metal plate tip in middle of hand capper magnetically holds cap aligned with bottle top while crimping; Use even, downward pressure to prevent cap distortion, leaks, and bottle breakage
  • [Easy to Use]: Place new bottle cap on round magnetic plate, center it on top lip of bottle, press 2 handles downward with even pressure on both sides, then release handles upward; The pressure attaches and crimps cap on bottle

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