Brewing Hopper Spider Strainer Stainless Hops Beer Filter

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  • FILTER BEER, COFFEE, TEA: We love beer, but what is better than the beverage itself is the satisfaction of creating it; The G. Francis Brewing Hopper Spider Strainer is designed for kettle brewing systems to contain hops while keeping debris out of pumps, chillers, and finished beer, resulting in a clearer beer and better taste; Suitable for brewing beer, filtering coffee, making compost tea, and putting into a boil pot
  • EASY TO USE: Two hook handles firmly secure this filter over the edge of your kettle and, during the boil, hops can be poured directly into the spider; For any standard electric brewing system
  • BUILT TO LAST: 300-micron mesh that will not wrinkle or damage easily; Frame made from firm stainless steel for strength and longevity; Will resist rust, corrosion, heat, and pressure; Enables easier sterilization prior to brewing and easy cleanup
  • EASY STORAGE: 2 kettle hanging hooks on top end of basket offers stability, user-friendliness, and versatility; Easier than beer cloth hops bags to remove, clean, and sanitize; Care of this hops spider is easy – you can put in the dishwasher as a separate load with no soap, or simply use a garden hose to wash it out; A no-rinse cleaner and sponge after you rinse it off also works
  • FILTER MORE: Choose between a package of a 10-inch by 4-inch (25.4cm x 10.2cm) double-hook filter, 14-inch by 6-inch (35.6cm x 15.2cm) double-hook filter, or a 12.5-inch by 5-inch (31.8cm x 12.7cm) single-hook filter to best suit your needs
Eliminate pump-clogging hops residue and experience the luxury of a durable mesh filter with the G. Francis Brewing Hopper Spider Strainer – Stainless Steel 300 Micron Mesh Homebrew Hops Beer & Tea Kettle Brew Filter. It will keep hops together during the boil and can be used on all standard sized boil pots. Simply set it over the edge of your kettle and hook onto the side of any brew pot or system support ring. When the boil is finished, remove the hops spider and start chilling. Your fermenter will no longer end up with built-up residue from the hops. This hops spider can also be used in water pumps, water filters, and even vacuum cleaners or air conditioning units. Choose between a 10x4-inch double-hook filter, 14x6-inch double-hook filter, or a 12.5x5-inch single-hook filter.

California Residents Prop 65 warning: Products may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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