About Us

What We Do?

G Francis Brewing is an ever-expanding brand aimed to cover a wide variety of home brewing and bartending needs. G Francis products are tried and tested, with our customers and their convenience in mind. Start bottling your homebrew in the comfort of your own home, or clean and dry your existing equipment with ease. G Francis is the perfect brand for professionals, homebrewers, or anyone simply wanting to add more hosting and entertainment into everyday life. We are the exclusive distributor of our products, offering free shipping and low prices on our website and common online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and more.


Who Are We?

G Francis is a family owned brand based out of South Dakota. We provide the Midwest with the highest quality brewing accessories and gadgets on the market.


What Can We Do For You?

We take great pride in satisfying our customers, and as a Midwest company, we are able to get your products to you quickly. Whether you are a brew enthusiast or a certified professional, we stand by our commitment to serve you.

Our location in the central United States ensures we can get products to you faster than our competitors near the coast. We ship FedEx, USPS, UPS, and Speedee. Whatever we've got to do to get your product to you fast, we find a way. If one shipping company can get your purchase to you faster, that's who we choose to ship, regardless of the cost to us!

Additionally, we provide free shipping on all orders within the Continental United States. Whether you spend $5 or $500, we will ship to your for free. When you shop G Francis, you shop knowing that you are purchasing from a company with its customers in mind, delivering the fastest and most satisfactory service available.