Plate Chiller Homebrew Beer Wort Ferment Heat Exchanger

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  • QUICKLY CHILL BEER WORT: Use the G. Francis Stainless Steel 30 Plate Copper Homebrew Beer Wort Ferment Heat Exchanger – Brazed Fermentation Recirculating Chiller to take your boiling wort down to cool and safe temperatures; Poorly constructed coil immersion chillers can take hours to chill wort and thin copper tubing can bend and crack which can cause water to rush out where it should not be, but this durable heat exchanger has 30 brazed plates and cools wort within minutes without leakage
  • VARIOUS APPLICATIONS: Because the wort is flowing through the chambers inside the plate chiller, the wort will aerate for pitching yeast; Recirculate the wort in your pot while cooling or even use in conjunction with an immersion chiller (not included)
  • EASY TO USE: Connect brew kettle drain to the wort-in fitting, connect the wort-out fitting to another breaking pot or into your fermenter, connect a garden hose to the water-in fitting and a tube to the water-out fitting to remove warm water; You can also use a pump with cold water and recirculate it to use less water; You may need to adjust the flow rate of the water and/or wort until you achieve your desired end temperature; 1 gallon per minute (3.79 L/min) suggested wort flow
  • SIMPLE MAINTENANCE: Before use, run sanitizing solution through the wort side of the chiller with a pump or fill the wort side with sanitizer and tilt the chiller from side to side to allow air bubbles to escape and rinse out with water; Flush wort side immediately after use; Soak in sanitizer and thoroughly rinse out wort-side with clean water; Allow air dry between uses; You can also boil the chiller to clean and sanitize; Never use harsh cleaning chemicals, abrasives, or bleach; Do not freeze
  • BUILT TO LAST: Constructed from stainless-steel with 30 plate copper brazing for maximum heat exchange; 7.5” x 2.9” x 3” inch (19.1cm x 7.4cm x 7.6cm) overall dimensions; 145 PSI (10 Bar) maximum pressure; 3/4-inch GHT (standard garden hose) fittings; Mounting hardware not included
Take your boiling wort to cool, safe temperatures with the G. Francis Stainless Steel 30 Plate Copper Homebrew Beer Ferment Heat Exchanger – Brazed Fermentation Recirculating Chiller. Run cold water through every-other plate and run the wort through the plates in between to maximize surface area and get your wort to a safe fermenting temperature. This plate chiller can be operated with a gravity system or with a pump, and you can also save water by utilizing a closed-loop cold water pump system (not included). It is constructed from stainless-steel and brazed with 30 copper plates for a usable temperature range of -321°F to 392°F (-196°C to 200°C). The wort-in and wort-out GHT connections and water-in and water-out fittings are 3/4-inch (standard garden hose) fittings.