Beer Growler - Stainless Steel with Swing Top

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  • GENEROUS SIZE: These beer growlers come in 3 sizes, containing up to 2 Liters - 67 Ounces
  • TEMP PRESERVING: double wall stainless steel keeps your brew cold, longer
  • EASY TO CARRY: quick fold-down carrying handle
  • EASY & SECURE CLOSE: swing top cap with airtight seal
  • BPA FREE: no plastic liner means beer maintains its premium flavor
Trying new drinks can be a disaster. We’ve all tasted a beverage and grimaced at the taste or texture because it’s not our choice drink or was poorly created. You don’t want to hurt the provider’s feelings, so you sigh and put on a fake smile as your choke it down. Yeesh – how many more parties are you going to have to do this for? Fear not – with this G. Francis Stainless Steel Growler Set of 2-Liter (67-Ounce), 1.9-Liter (64-Ounce), and 1-Liter (33-Ounce) growlers, you will never again have to try to hide that disgusted face you make as you choke down a terrible drink. Whether or not the party invite says BYOB, bring the G. Francis Stainless Steel Growler Set filled with your homemade and/or favorite local brew. If you’re in the market for a sleek, durable stainless steel growler set, you’ve come to the right place. These 1-Liter (33-ounce) 1.9-Liter (64-Ounce), and 2-Liter (67-Ouce) durable stainless steel growlers are not only unbreakable or easily damaged/scratched if accidentally dropped, but the BPA-free stainless steel design keeps your brew colder longer and protects from harmful UV rays. No need to worry about lost or broken caps, because the swing top cap is attached to the bottle and provides an airtight seal to ensure the beer maintains its freshness. Each growler also features a built-in fold-down handle to easily carry around. They are incredibly easy to use and simple to wash. This G. Francis Growler Set is made of stainless steel that is resistant to tarnishing and rust. The size assortment is perfect to store a cold beverage, easily drink straight from them (hey, we don’t judge - take a swig!), or pour into a glass if you’re feeling classy. This set is an essential addition to your homebrew kit or any casual social gathering and also makes a great party gift. If you’re looking for the most functional and stylish option for storing beer or other cold drinks, the G. Francis Stainless Steel Growler Set is the way to go.

California Residents Prop 65 warning: Products may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Length: 4.0 in.
Width: 4.0 in.
Height: 10.0 in.