Beer Faucet with 4" Inch Shank

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  • Compatible: This G. Francis Beer Faucet includes a standard 4” shank threading makes this beer faucet suitable for all standard tap handles
  • Faucet Knob: Black durable plastic faucet knob included
  • Leak-Proof: Perfect seal when tapping a keg
  • Durable: Chrome plated brass construction with high polished chrome finish for strength and longevity
  • Perfect Length: The 4.9-inch length and 4.2-inch width of this beer faucet makes it easy to handle and function
We’ve all been there – frustrated with a keg tap that doesn’t fit right, is too difficult to handle, or incessantly leaks precious beer out of the faucet and onto your counter and carpet. If you’re done with having to deal with the beer stains and the frustration of poor quality beer faucets that don’t quite fit your keg correctly, you’ve come to the right place. The G. Francis Beer Faucet and 4” Inch Shank is standard for all kegs which provides you with maximum versatility. This faucet includes a 4-inch shank and sleek black plastic knob. Both the faucet and shank are made of chrome-plated brass, and the lever is quick and easy to use with an attractive chrome finish to make sure your point of dispense always looks and functions perfectly. To tap a keg with this beer faucet, simply pull out and then down on the lever handle to properly couple the keg - viola! It’s that simple. No more leaks, no more frustration. Make the most of your drinking experience and invest in the G. Francis Beer Faucet and 4” Inch Shank.