Stainless steel growler keeps beer cold and fresh!

My good friend Mark is a beer aficionado. He collects empty bottles and cans. I think he has over 4000 cans alone. Every type of beer from a home brew to a popular craft to Guinness, he has probably had at least on bottle or can. And his most frequent complaint? Some beers lose their initial flavor and don't stay cold enough!

Well Mark, here you go. The Stainless steel insulated growler from G. Francis Brewing will solve these problems. This growler comes in several size including 1L, 1.9L, or 2L (2L bottle is double wall stainless steel) and there is no need to worry about lost or broken caps as the swing top cap is attached to the bottle and provides an airtight seal to ensure the beer maintains its freshness.

stainless steel growler

You can take your growler to a party and hours later your brew will still taste fresh be as cold as ever. The growler also have a handle for easy transportation.

If you are like my buddy Mark and like your beer to remain cold and tasty, you need to order your own growler today. Click here to order.