G.Francis is Racking in the Awards

The G. Francis Wine Glass Drying Rack was selected for a Wiki! (Yes, kind of like a grammy). After twenty-five hours of research, Ezvid Wiki, the world’s first video wiki, chose the G. Francis Rack as #8 on the top 10 Wine Glass Drying Racks of 2018. The Wine Glass Drying category is new in the kitchen category that assesses products that are available to those in the United States.

Ezvid Wiki is credible, as one of the top 3,000 viewed websites in the United States. Their YouTube channel has more than 265,000 subscribers with 156 million views. The website helps inform viewers on which products to buy, leading to more than $200 million in purchasing decisions to date. Wiki does not accept paid sponsorships, so no, we did not pay them to choose our product. They just really liked it! Interested to see the list, check out this link. https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-wine-glass-drying-racks

Ezvid was impressed with our Drying Rack because it, “installs easily directly underneath a cabinet, which places your glasses at the ideal height for both storage and drying. It’s a great way to save cabinet and counter space, and it’s nice and sturdy once assembled.”

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