G. Francis Brewing

Top-notch product

I am a Homebrew hobbyist, And did a lot of research on ALl Brands and types of pressurized Growlers. I read all the reviews and decided to take a chance on the G Francis 64 Oz with no reviews. The price was right and it look nice. And little did I know it was the best purchase I've ever made I use it to carbonate my own beer and love it great job guys on a wonderful product.


Nice bottles! All delivered without breakage.

When ordering glass bottles one always worries about breakage. My two packages arrived intact and without breakage. That's a winner for me. Though made in China they seem bulky enough for my home brew and are such an advantage over capping bottles. Great price, about $12 cheaper per dozen than my local shop. I might have to buy more depending on actual performance.

J. Rector

Better than expected

This is a great find. My husband likes to take an array of vegetables in his lunch, and I use them on salads at night with dinner. I store this in the friedge for daily use and love the size of the compartments, they are actually larger than I expected. Very surdy as well.